Our Kimchi has already got people talking. We started in a Farmer's Market and now we are starting to get on our feet! We never imagined our Kimchi would be embraced by the community so well.

We wish to one day be able to supply our food banks, schools, and more communities with our wholesome foods. Please support us and help us grow!

Until then, we hope to attend to your Farmer's Markets, Natural Food Stores, Food Co-ops, and much much more. We are still fairly new to this, so please be patient and in-due time, we will be perfectly fermented ~

We would love to expand and have a bigger kitchen. But at the moment, it is too far of a goal to reach. If you believe in us, please help us accelerate faster to where we would like to get to. With each donation, we will be one step closer to an online store where we can send Kimchi your way and have our very own fermentation center!


Thank you :3